Debbie Lee Wesselmann
Debbie Lee Wesselmann is the author of three books:  Captivity, Trutor & the Balloonist and The Earth and the Sky.  
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Book Summaries
Captivity:  Set in South Carolina’s Low Country, this novel follows the struggles of Dana Armstrong, a primatologist and the director of a chimpanzee sanctuary, and her junkie brother Zack.  When someone releases several of the chimps under Dana’s care, a series of events unfolds that reveals the dynamics of an unusual past, an old nemesis, and the shifting politics of animal rights.  Reviews and buying information from
Trutor & the Balloonist:  In this playful literary mystery, Michelle Trutor flees an abusive boyfriend, only to find herself in a more complex situation in the New England town of Derbyville, New Hampshire.  Her older friend, whom she has nicknamed the Balloonist, offers her a job as the biographer of his dead sister Caroline, a woman both brilliant and malicious.  What Trutor discovers from the twisted maze of Victorian riddles, cryptic journals, and maps astonishes both her and Caroline’s heirs.  Reviews and buying information on
The Earth and the Sky: Stories:  In this collection of short fiction, the reader is taken to eight countries, on four continents.  Whether the setting is Taipei, Florence, the Andean foothills, or Tornado Alley in Oklahoma and Texas, the characters of these stories all struggle to make sense of their individual choices and to find their unique place, either with their native culture or in another, more promising one.
Copyright 2007 by Debbie Lee Wesselmann