Debbie Lee Wesselmann
I offer individualized instruction for writers of fiction (short stories and novels), memoirs, creative nonfiction (personal essays), and other examples of prose.  
As a published writer, I understand the delicate nature of the creative process and the different forms it takes. I expect that each writer accepted for private study will be at a critical point in his or her writing, but that none will have exactly the same needs.  For this reason, study will be highly individualized. I will concentrate on specific problems the student may be experiencing as well as on more general concerns affecting writers of the particular genre.
Excellent teaching depends on mutual respect.  I will bring the wealth of my knowledge to your writing, and I will expect you to carefully consider my criticisms.  However, we will be working on your writing; all final decisions about aesthetics and mechanics will belong to you.  I don't believe in bullying students or trying to remake them into copies of myself.  My goal will be to allow you to evolve into the writer you want to be.
Please note:  I no longer offer editorial services and one-time manuscript critiques.
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Private Instruction